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The Shire's home of Martial Arts

Double Dragon gym was founded in 1983 by Australian Martial arts pioneer Mick Spinks, now to carry on the gym legacy are his most experienced students and now trainers of champions; Shane Greenwood and Rowan Sangster.

Double Dragon started off as a Jin Wu Koon Kung Fu academy but has grown into a powerhouse martial arts school where we excel in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We take pride in being able to cater Martials arts from 5 year olds – Teens – Adults.

We also provide strength/fitness classes that coincide with the most up to date sport science protocols mixed with good old hard work that takes your athleticism to the next level, while not just focussed on destroying the body for the sake of getting a sweat.

  • No Joining Fees

  • Over 30 Years Experience

  • Opposite Sutherland Station

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  • MNSW development day success

    July 31, 2019

    MNSW development day at Double Dragon This past Saturday we held an MNSW development day. These events are a novice padded Muay Thai fight show with MNSW officials and a doctor overseeing the bouts to ensure all the combatants safety, we ended up having 17 matches this day with 4 of those matches being our […]

    • Another Successful Fight team tryout

      July 18, 2019

      Fitness Assessment and Fight team tryouts Ever 6 months we hold these Fitness assessments and fight team tryouts for our Muaythai team to keep our current roster of fighters on their game and also for people who are interested to get into the ring to see where their base fitness is at and gauge if […]

      • King of the Ring Boxing and Kaos Muaythai event results

        June 2, 2019

        King of The Ring a Hornsby PCYC Luke “T-bone” Thompson entered the Boxing NSW annual King of the Ring tournament which sees some of the best amateur boxers from mainly NSW and ACT, come together to compete in a tournament over a 2-3 day span dependent of how many people are in your weight division. […]

        • MNSW development day and Win at NORTHS leagues club

          March 9, 2019

          MNSW Development Day Once again we were the first gym of the year to hold Muaythai NSW’s (MNSW) Muaythai development day. This Novice padded fight days have really bought up the rising level of talent across NSW by giving students the opportunity to have in-ring fight experience with proper Refs, Judges and doctor present to […]