After School Martial Arts (8 years +)

Martial arts is well documented as a great source of discipline and developer of self confidence. We have adapted techniques from traditional martial arts to develop a kids martial arts program that develops motor skills, balance, coordination, strength, fitness and early self defence.

Students in the after school classes will focus on setting goals and working towards learning the skills required to grade to the next level. The after school martial arts program is based on 7 junior grades which consist of stripes and belts when a student shows a good grasp of certain techniques.

White Belt

A discipline & concentration badge which requires the student to stay alert, listen and occasionally give a simple description of what the group is doing eg. “back fist strike”.

Red Stripe Belt

Stances & balance badge which requires the student to understand and perform 3 stances. These traditional stances develop lower body strength, posture, balance and weight transfer, which is a prerequisite for Martial Arts & self-defence.

Blue Stripe Belt

This grade involves students executing basic stretches and understanding the benefits of flexibility. Students will also be required to perform 3 basic kicks; front kick, groin kick & low round kick at thigh level.

Orange Stripe Belt

This badge is earned when the student is competent with the Buddha hand form as well as basic hand strikes and inner, outer and lower single hand blocking.

Purple Stripe Belt

The student is required to perform a forward & backward shoulder roll from the knees. Another requirement for this goal is to perform 10 push-ups, 10 tricep dips & 15 sit-ups. These exercises must be performed with an understanding of posture & form, necessary in early strength development.

Green stripe belt

The student must be competent with all the basics and must perform at a high level.

Black stripe belt

The student must have developed a better understanding for all the previous tasks.

After these goals have been achieved the students can then make the transition into the Double Dragon martial arts system. By undertaking this junior program, youngsters are incentivised to focus on their goals and as a result effectively develop their basic skills and coordination. Students are then well equipped to move into more advanced levels of Martial Arts.