Boxing Skill and Fitness

Boxing is a popular style of stand up fighting using only the fists as weapons, and predominantly wearing boxing gloves.

Known as the ‘sweet science’ a good boxer will master the subtleties in punching technique, defence and footwork to create an efficient and powerful style. Boxing is also very popular for it’s fitness benefits, providing an intense cardio workout.

What makes Boxing at Double Dragon different from the rest?

We take pride in our boxing program compared to other commercial gym boxing classes in not only we give you a great workout, we also teach you proper boxing skills the transfer to self defense or even after an appropriate amount of time training you can test your craft in the ring. Either way you want to train be it for fitness or for competition is purely up to you and we are happy to accommodate, just bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

What to expect in your first class?

First class is free and if you don’t have your own gloves we can provide some, but if you do like the classes and keep coming we suggest getting your own gloves, which we sell at the front desk. You will learn proper stance and punching mechanics and defensive awareness from our coaching staff, don’t worry if it feels all foreign, everyone usually starts from nothing and like any skill you want to get to a decent level requires you putting in the hard yards over time.

Which class should I start in?

Everyone starts in our boxing class which runs Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs at 7pm and Saturday 10am. We have a system in place that allows students to be guided into more advanced techniques.