We pride ourselves on being the best, and that goes for our instructors. Double Dragon identifies the most dedicated and passionate martial artists and mentors them to become instructors. Rest assured all our instructors and personal trainers are properly trained and qualified with the necessary governing bodies.
All trainers have completed their accreditation with the Australian Kung Fu Wu Shu Federation (AKWF) and the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA), as well as N.S.W. Government Working With Children clearance and senior First Aid certificates.

Sifu Mick Spinks

One of Australia’s Pioneers of Kickboxing and Martial Arts, Mick is a master of many disciplines. An icon of the industry with many accolades, trophies and magazine covers, Mick went from being on of Australia’s best fighters to being on of Australia’s best trainers.

Fast forward to the present day and there’s a stack of trophies, world title belts, UFC contracts, numerous gyms, stamps in the passport with fights around the globe. Read on to see how Mick has evolved Double Dragon into the world class facility we have in Sutherland today.

Shane Greenwood

Coach Shane Greenwood has made the transition from competitor to coach, starting as a beginner in our kickboxing program, progressing to kickboxing and pankration competitions and then turning his efforts to coaching and personal training.

Shane now competes in strongman competitions and coaches students at the gym to increase strength and fitness, rehab injuries and improve health.

Rowan Sangster

Rowan Sangster is a highly experienced kickboxer & Muay Thai fighter with over 20 fights and several titles to his name.

As a trainer Rowan specialises in teaching the techniques of kickboxing & Muay Thai, as well as structuring high intensity fitness sessions and practical self defence skills.

Adam Magee

Adam MaGee is one of the most experienced martial arts practitioners you will find.

Adam has reached the top rank of red sash in the Shaolin Jin Wu Koon Kung Fu style and continues to train and coach in the Double Dragon Kung Fu program where he shares his skills and attitude with less experienced students.