Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions about training at Double Dragon Martial Arts Gym.
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I’ve never trained martial arts and I’m not very fit. What can I expect as a beginner?

If you feel self conscious before coming to a class, you will soon find out that everyone in the class is preoccupied with their own training. People are too busy focusing on their own techniques to worry about what people around them are doing.

Our coaches will assess your skill and fitness level and set your training accordingly. You will never be forced to push yourself too far or do any contact training if you don’t want to. Everyone is different and everyone has to start somewhere, so we suggest just getting in there and trying to learn one new thing each week.

In your initial classes, whatever style you have chosen, we really focus on developing motor skills. We like to start from the floor up with stance, balance and movement along with basic punching skills, low kicks and push kicks and defence techniques. To start out you don't need any level of fitness or flexibility – we'll work on that with you over time. The beginner classes are non contact so there will be no sparring and your punching & kicking will be practiced on a bag or pads.

What do I wear?

Some of our styles require a uniform further down the track, but if you are starting as a beginner all you need to wear is something comfortable and easy to move in (like shorts and a singlet).

Do I wear shoes?

We have rubber jigsaw mats on the floor so students are asked to wear bare feet or smooth-soled martial arts shoes (no street shoes).

What gear do I need to start with?

We recommend all students bring a towel to training, especially in summer. We encourage all students to purchase their own gear, but new students are able to borrow a set of gloves for trying out a class, you will just need to purchase a set of glove liners ($2) from reception.

First session free? What's the deal?

Anyone wanting to try a class at Double Dragon can do their first class for free. All you need to do is turn up 10 minutes before a class and mention that you would like to try your first class for free. We'll need you to fill out a membership form (membership is free) then you can try a session – no obligations. Just wear some comfortable clothes that you can move easily in.

What equipment do I need for Muay Thai?

We encourage all students to purchase their own gear, but new students are able to borrow a set of gloves for trying out a class, you will just need to purchase a set of glove liners ($2) from reception. Level 1 kickboxing students who want to participate in sparring will need:

  • 16oz boxing gloves
  • shin pads
  • mouth guard
  • knee pads
  • groin guard

Do I need to wear a gi in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Initially, no. But make sure you wear something tough and thick (like a football jersey). Thin clothing (like t-shirts) will easily rip. Eventually you will need to purchase a gi and pants.

Do I have to spar or will I get hit?

All beginner classes work with boxing focus pads and kick pads, there is no contact. Intermediate levels do light reaction type sparring to improving their technique (protective gear and big gloves are worn). If you did not want to do spar for any reason that would be ok.

Can I use the weights?

Any students using the weights will first need to undertake an assessment with one of our coaches. Talk to any of our coaches if interested in using the weights.

What is the ladies kickboxing and fitness class?

It's a fun, fitness based class for women run on Tuesdays and Thursdays during school terms. Sorry guys this is a female only class. Just wear some comfortable clothes that won't restrict your movement. We welcome absolutely any fitness level and we'll design a fitness routine that is enjoyable and specific to where you're at. You can try your first session for free, no obligations. Just call coach Shane Greenwood on 0422 931 551 or send him an email at to let him know you're coming along to try a session.