Little Dragons (5-8 years old)

Little Dragons is an early development program for kids 5 to 8 years old. Run as an introduction to our After School Martial Arts style, the students will develop important life skills including self-confidence, coordination, balance, posture, basic self-defence principles and general strength development using bodyweight exercises.

There are no formal gradings for the Little Dragons, the students are set realistic goals and earn badges when they have mastered their new skills. There is no charge for the badges or the mini gradings, the students just need to earn them.

Once the students become proficient in their skills and earn all their badges, they can progress into the After School Martial Arts classes.

Check our timetable page for all class times.

Encouragement badge

This badge will be awarded when the student shows effort and determination. No skills in particular need to be mastered, just that they are focused, disciplined and making an effort to learn the tasks being shown.

Footwork, balance & mobility badge

To receive this badge the student will need to demonstrate a correct sparring stance with their left or right foot forward, while showing the ability to move, pivot and evade while maintaining their stance. Student must perform a well balanced 3 direction kick and be proficient on the floor ladder.

Kicks badge

Student must demonstrate front kicks, low turning kicks, groin kicks and low side kicks. All performed in the air and on a clapper with good foot form and correct stance. Student must understand joint hyperextension.

Exercise badge

Students must perform push ups, squats, tricep dips and sit ups while maintaining good form and balance. 10 repetitions will be expected to show good form then all exercises will be performed together as a super set to test cardio (while maintaining form).

Hand skills badge

Student must perform a straight jab, rear hand punch, buddha form punch, inner block, outer block, lower block and elbow strike. It is important the student demonstrates good footwork with their hand skills, pivoting in their movement and raising their rear heel when striking (keeping the front heel grounded for stability).