Personal Training

A great way to increase strength & fitness, burn fat, and improve health is to get undertake personal training sessions with experienced coaches who can design specific programs to help people reach their goals.

Double Dragon coaches aren’t your average personal trainers. Along with having studied strength and fitness under world renowned coaches like Charles Poliquin, our coaches are also experienced martial artists which allows for a wider variety of exercises and techniques.

Personal Training with a Double Dragon Difference

Through many years of training elite fighters, we have come to realise the immense benefits of strategic strength and conditioning, not only to increase strength (which it will), but to reduce body fat and rehabilitate injuries. Double Dragon is now equipped with a functional weights room with several squat racks, lifting platforms and a heap of other apparatus ideal for strength training.

Constant assessment is an important part of our personal training program. Firstly, our trainers will conduct a thorough structural balance assessment to determine strengths and identify weaknesses. The coaches will design a specific strength, fitness and nutritional program to balance your body and help you reach your goals. Ongoing assessment is also crucial to determine how well the body has adapted to the training program.

Besides offering strength based personal training, our coaches are also available for private martial arts lessons to improve specific skills in boxing, kickboxing / Muay Thai, and other self defence. Have a look through our coaches profile pages below.