Rowan Sangster

Rowan Sangster is a highly experienced kickboxer & Muay Thai fighter with over 20 fights and several titles to his name.

As a trainer Rowan specialises in teaching the techniques of kickboxing & Muay Thai, as well as structuring high intensity fitness sessions and practical self defence skills.

Rowan as a fighter

Many years ago Rowan started in the Double Dragon beginner program and quickly fell in love with the sport. He saw big changes in his quality of life and soon was compelled to test his skills in the ring. As a fighter Rowan has fought under kickboxing, K1, mod Thai and Full Thai rules picking up the NSW and Australian WKA kickboxing titles in the process.

He now has 24 fights to his name and was a top ranked professional fighter in Australia. Rowan has made kickboxing & Muay Thai a major part of his life and has travelled all over the country and abroad thanks to the sport. Rowan was lucky enough to compete in Papua New Guinea and also spent time studying Muay Thai in Thailand.

Rowan as a Trainer

With Rowan’s lengthy experience competing at a high level in the sport and training in Thailand, he has mastered the subtleties of the arts and developed effective ways to teach the techniques to beginners through to competitive athletes. Once a professional athlete who competed for many years, Rowan now turns his passion to coaching students and helping them grow through the sport. He encourages them to reach their goals and achieve not only the success he had but much more. With the growth of the Double Dragon Fight Team, Rowan has taken our fighters Internationally to compete in the IFMA World Muay Thai games where he was a coach to the Australian Team.

Within Double Dragon Rowan teaches beginner and Intermediate Kickboxing/Muay Thai classes, teens and afterschool kickboxing and self defence classes, as well as coaching/cornering fighters and taking personal training sessions.

Personal training sessions with Rowan are unique and varied with a mix of martial arts technique, high intensity fitness, strength training for structural balance and nutritional advice. His sessions are the best way to advance your skills quickly and get fitter at the same time.

Continual study is important for all our trainers, and Rowan has picked up a long list of qualifications including MASA referee & judging, WMC referee & judging, ASCA level 1 strength coach, MAIA level 1 martial arts coach, Poliquin™ BioSignature practitioner and St Johns senior first aid.


  • Level 1 MAIA martial arts coach
  • Level 1 ASCA strength coach
  • Senior first aid
  • Working with Children check NSW
  • Level 5 in the Double Dragon kickboxing/Muaythai system