Shane Greenwood

Coach Shane Greenwood has made the transition from competitor to coach, starting as a beginner in our kickboxing program, progressing to kickboxing and pankration competitions and then turning his efforts to coaching and personal training.

Shane as a competitor

Shane started in the Double Dragon beginner kickboxing program and quickly progressed through the ranks, fine tuning his skills and eventually stepping through the ropes and competing in several kickboxing fights.

Besides kickboxing though, Shane had also been training in expanding his skillset into Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Blue Belt). In 2010 an opportunity presented itself for Shane to put all his skills together at the Pankration titles - a form of amateur MMA. Shane won the silver medal at the State titles (77kg) then took bronze at the National titles (70kg). He now enjoys just entering the occasional Gi & No Gi jiujitsu comp to try out his skills.

Shane is also the head strength & conditioning coach for the gym with great amount of experience from also competing in strongman comps (such AUS strongest man u90kg), powerlifting events (best raw lifts in comp is Squat 200kg, Bench 127.5kg and deadlift 235kg at 85kg bodyweight), and interning internationally with the best in the strength industry. He runs all the Wed/Fri 6pm strength & fitness classes, which solely focus on bringing up your workout capacity, Agility, Explosive power for combat sports and bettering your body’s movement quality.

Shane as a coach

With Shane’s extensive martial arts experience, he currently teaches many of our Beginners Muaythai, Advanced Boxing, Little Dragons kungfu and the Teens Kickboxing & self defence.

Shane is also a highly qualified and passionate strength coach and personal trainer. He is constantly studying from the best, and has received certificates from world class coach Charles Poliquin; level 1 Biosignature practitioner and level 2 strength & coaching in the Poliquin International Certification Program (PICP). Shane is also a level 1 martial arts.

instructor under MAIA and level 1 strength & conditioning coach under ASCA.

Shane also does personal training for martial arts, Athletic performance, but also if you just want to look fitter and move better he is more than happy to guide you into a healthier lifestyle.


  • Level 1 MAIA martial arts coach
  • Level 1 ASCA strength coach
  • Senior first aid
  • Working with Children check NSW
  • Level 5 in the Double Dragon kickboxing/Muaythai system
  • Blue belt in Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu system