Strength and Fitness

The Double Dragon breed of strength and fitness has been developed through years of preparing elite Kickboxers and MMA fighters for their intense competitions.

We have adapted our learnings to develop drills, circuits and routines that will push our students to reach new levels in fitness, strength and conditioning.

Double Dragon Strength and Fitness

With key developments in sports science over the years, our personal trainers and coaches have studied under world renowned coaches (like Charles Poliquin) to learn cutting edge techniques for developing strength and fitness. Coupled with our need to produce elite fitness for our competition fighters, we have developed a unique breed of fitness. One thing we’ve proven through our champion athletes: it works!

Our strength and fitness classes will take your training to the next level by elevating your physical strength and fitness levels through a variety of high intensity workouts. Think of it as an advanced bootcamp using all sorts of fitness apparatus like tyres, weight vests and sleds.

Each session is different, and mainly consists of high intensity circuits or drills involving tyre flips, keg presses, sled runs, turkish get-ups, kettlebell drills, medicine ball drills, TRX bands, bodyweight exercises plus many, many more.

With the strength element increasing muscle tone and the high intensity cardio ideal for burning fat, students have seen significant changes in their body composition, that is, more muscle and less fat.

What can you expect? Expect an advanced indoor boot camp. Expect to pull, push, hit and flip things like tyres, sleds kettle bells and medicine balls. Expect to jump, squat and lunge. Expect to sweat. Expect to get fit and strong!