Teenage Kickboxing & Self Defence

The aim of this class is to provide teenagers with practical self defence skills that could be applied in realistic situations.

The after school kickboxing & self defence classes have been divided into two age groups - 10-14 years and 14-17 years.

A realistic form of self defence

  • After school kickboxing & Self Defence (10-14 years)
  • Teenage kickboxing & Self Defence (14-17 years)

These classes are structured to give assist students with developing and building a practical range of effective skills which could benefit them if they had to defend themselves. The classes emphasize respect for others in a casual but disciplined environment. The training will help develop coordination, flexibility, fitness and build confidence.

The program involves:
  • A strong foundation of boxing / kickboxing / Muay Thai to develop great coordination, balance, footwork, practical offensive and defensive skills with a great fitness base.
  • Ground control skills based on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, adding a street practical element of self defence with a strong emphasis on controls and escapes.
  • Stand up self defence will help understand and train how to cope with escaping from a headlock, wrist hold, held from behind or being tackled to the ground.
  • Anti bully strategies - from confident body language, personal development

The after school teenage kickboxing classes are taught by senior coaches Rowan Sangster and Shane Greenwood. Classes only run during school terms.