Adults Starter Pack


Introducing the Double Dragon Starter Pack—a comprehensive bundle designed to kickstart your training journey with unbeatable value and quality gear. Whether you’re new to martial arts or a seasoned practitioner, this starter pack has everything you need to get started and excel in your training sessions.
Key Features:
  • Double Dragon Gloves Choose between 10oz or 16oz gloves, crafted for durability, comfort, and protection during intense sparring, bag work, and pad work sessions.
  • Shin Guards Protect your shins and insteps with high-quality shin guards, ensuring maximum protection and support during training.
  • Hand Wraps Safeguard your hands and wrists with premium hand wraps, providing essential support and stability inside your gloves.
  • Unbeatable Value: Get all three essential items—gloves, shin guards, and hand wraps—for just $150, offering incredible value compared to purchasing each item separately.
Upgrade your training gear and save with the Double Dragon Starter Pack—your all-in-one solution for quality martial arts gear at an unbeatable price. Gear up, train hard, and unleash your full potential with Double Dragon.