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Established in 1983, Double Dragon is a martial arts gym steeped in rich history. Founded in the roots of traditional martial arts, Double Dragon has evolved to include modern styles like Muay Thai, boxing and Jiu-Jitsu, and is the home of champions.

As one of the leading martial arts gyms in Sydney, Double Dragon offers an inclusive, supportive environment for everyone who wants to learn Muay Thai, boxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Competitors representing Double Dragon have achieved great success in different martial arts styles, including local competitions, state and national titles, and international recognition at the prestigious IFMA World Muay Thai games.

With over 30 adult and 16 kids classes to choose from, you can personalise your training experience to best match your needs.

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Our Reviews

First time talking into a combat sport gym and they all made me feel incredibly welcome, they genuinely care about you and the teaching style is everything but patronizing. Signed up for the full membership right away.

    Luca Desperati 202


    Only recently joined up about a month ago but already couldn’t recommend this place higher. Having never stepped foot in a gym like this ever I’ve quickly found myself loving coming in every time. Rowan, Shane are both great coaches and clearly know they’re sport super well. The atmosphere at the gym is also definitely a massive plus - they’ve done an amazing job at creating such a great community

      Luke Porter


      top notch coaches, friendly atmosphere where the coaches care to see the students do well, yet the gym maintains the rugged and rough nature of traditional Thai gyms while training in a safe healthy way. I absolutely do recommend this gym. the coaches are absolutely professional and superior at their jobs. one of the coaches pointed out an issue with my kicking technique, which helped me improve my kicks almost instantly.

        Xavier Mcfarla