beginners BOXING

Boxing is class for all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced students. Our classes teach you the true art of boxing. Move and look like a real boxer, with fun, exciting drills and techniques. You’ll work up a sweat while learning authentic techniques.

Why just stick with boxing – train all our styles with your membership.

intermediate BOXING

In Double Dragon Intermediate Boxing Classes, students have the opportunity to engage in controlled sparring sessions. These classes build upon the basics learned in beginner levels to refine boxing skills, develop combinations, enhance footwork, and deepen tactical understanding. To participate, students must be graded Level 1, 2, or 3 and have the required equipment for sparring sessions.

Practical martial art

Learn how to throw an effective punch, built from the ground up with footwork, body positioning and head movement

Proven in competition

Most train boxing for fun and fitness, but the ‘sweet science’ has a long tradition and history of competition

Stress relief

Blow off some steam after a hard days’ work. Blast some pads and you’ll feel the stress melt away

Fun fitness

Students learn coordination, balance and body movement, as well as proper grip control and positional awareness in grappling techniques

Training equipment available

You can get all the equipment you need to stay safe in class from us – buy with confidence from people who know what you need to succeed

Beginners welcome

Beginners are always welcome – come and try a class today!

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