Teen Muay Thai 14-17 YRS

Teens muay thai (14-17yrs)

Teens Muay Thai is a development program for teens aged 14 to 17 years.
Students in teens Muay will learn the fundamental basics of the sport and the tools and structure they need to confidently navigate the stresses of life.
This program also sets up students to progress to the adult classes.


Teens learn confidence by mastering Muay Thai movement, offensive and defensive skills, and are able to demonstrate these skills and learn to protect themselves


Participants earn badges that demonstrate skills they have learned as part of the challenging program. Students must learn to focus on the goals they want to achieve

Stress relief

Participation in the program gives students an outlet for relieving stress through exercise and challenging mental tasks

Respect and Discipline

Students will develop good values, self-control and respect for others in a structured environment, where participation and effort is encouraged and rewarded


Form long lasting friendships with other teens in the program, and social skills that will be essential for the world

Pathway to adults program

This program gives students a developmental pathway to all adults martials arts classes