Junior Muay Thai is a skills development program for kids aged 8 to 12 years old. Students in junior Muay Thai will learn the fundamental basics of the sport while fostering skills in fitness, self-defence, anti-bullying strategies and providing a pathway to the teens program.


Students learn the skills they need for self-defence, including strategies for anti-bullying and de-escalation techniques to help them develop into confident teens

Anti-bullying strategies

Anti-bullying strategies give kids the confidence to know how to deal with situations where they may experience or see others being bullied, and not become a bully


Students develop fitness and understanding of body mechanics to assist them with movements including push ups, sit ups, kicks and punches


Kids learn self-confidence by mastering Muay Thai movement skills and assist with teamwork and socialisation skills

Badge system

Participants earn badges that demonstrate skills they have learned as part of the challenging program and a rewarding feeling when achieving their goals

Respect and discipline

Students will develop good values and self-control, respect for others and important life skills

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