About Us

About Us


Established in 1983, Double Dragon is a martial arts gym steeped in rich history. Founded in the roots of traditional martial arts, Double Dragon has evolved to include modern styles like Muay Thai, boxing and Jiu-Jitsu, and is the home of champions.

As one of the leading martial arts gyms in Sydney, Double Dragon offers an inclusive, supportive environment for everyone who wants to learn Muay Thai, boxing and Jiu-Jitsu. Competitors representing Double Dragon have achieved great success in different martial arts styles, including local competitions, state and national titles, and international recognition at the prestigious IFMA World Muay Thai games.

With over 30 adult and 16 kids classes to choose from, you can personalise your training experience to best match your needs.

Meet our COACHES

We pride ourselves on being the best, and that includes our coaches. All Double Dragon coaches have extensive experience in their sport, are properly trained, accredited and qualified with the necessary governing bodies. All coaches hold a NSW government Working with Children clearance and a senior First Aid certificate.


Rowan is very passionate about martial arts. He has been involved in combat sports for over 20 years as a fighter and a coach. Rowan had 25 fights in his career, where he was a top ranked professional Muay Thai fighter in Australia, holding state and national titles, as well as fighting in Australia and overseas.

Rowan is the main coach of the Muay Thai program, also coaches boxing has a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu . Rowan actively supports fighters by coaching, cornering, training and seconding for Muay Thai and boxing fights. Rowan represented Australia as a coach at the IFMA World Muay Thai games in Mexico in 2018. Rowan also actively interacts with Combat Sports NSW, shaping the future of Muay Thai in NSW.

Rowan and Shane are the co-founders of a combat sports fight promotion, and regularly hold professional and amateur events in New South Wales.


Shane loves martial arts: he has been actively involved in Muay Thai for 20 years, has a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu and has competed in many different sports. Shane’s competition history includes amateur kickboxing, the 2010 Pankration state titles (silver medal) and national titles (bronze medal), as well as several strongman and powerlifting competitions.

Shane is the main coach of boxing and fitness programs, as well as a coach in the Muay Thai program. Shane actively supports fighters by coaching, cornering, training and seconding for boxing and Muay Thai fights.

Shane and Rowan also co-founded a combat sports fight promotion, and regularly hold professional and amateur events in New South Wales.

JASON WHITBY - Boxing Coach

Jason is a dedicated coach with an eye for detail and passion for the sport of boxing. He is currently competing in amateur boxing and has had several fights. He brings his ring experience to classes and can teach everyone from a first-time beginner all the way to competition fighters.
He is motivated and keen share is passion with others. Jason is also available for personal training sessions.

KAI WEATE-JONES - Muay Thai Coach

Kai “Cobra” Weate-Jones has over a decade of experience training Muay Thai, and is part of the future of the sport in Australia. As an amateur competitor, Kai was selected as part of the team to represent Australia at the IFMA World Muay Thai games, after becoming the 2020 National Muay Thai champion in his division.

Kai is currently a professional fighter in the top rankings of his division. He has travelled and fought all over Australia on some of the biggest Muay Thai Promotions.

Kai coaches kids and teens Muay Thai, and is a great example of what can be achieved as part of these programs.