The Advanced Muay Thai program is for adults who have an extensive knowledge in Muay Thai and maintain a high level of general fitness. Being able of proficiently demonstrating the fundamental skill is essential in this class. There are many fighters in this class and sparing is involved. There are prerequisites before you can join this class.

Realistic Training

Muay Thai utilises 8 weapons – punch, elbow, kick and knee – is effective in forms of combat and self-defence

Train for competition

Some just train Muay Thai for fun and fitness, but many compete as amateurs. There is a staple of professional fighters who compete regularly around Australia and overseas.

High Level curriculum

Classes have an interesting, varied curriculum – fine tune your skills.

Fighter fitness

Be involved in intense fitness and develop practical skills that are very effective in the ring.

Training equipment available

You can get all the equipment you need to stay safe in class from us – buy with confidence from people who know what you need to succeed

Invitation only

This class may not be for everyone. There are many skills required and prerequisites to complete before joining this class

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