Double Dragon Premium Leather Gloves


Introducing Double Dragon Premium Leather Gloves—a pinnacle of excellence in boxing and Muay Thai gear. Crafted from premium leather with meticulous attention to detail, these gloves offer unparalleled protection, support, and style for athletes at the intermediate to advanced level.
Key Features:
-Versatile Use Perfect for both boxing and Muay Thai training, these gloves are designed to excel in sparring, bag work, and pad work.
-Great Protection and Support Experience superior protection and support, allowing you to train with confidence and intensity while minimizing the risk of injury.
-Unique Double Dragon Design Stand out in the ring or gym with the special and unique Double Dragon design, showcasing your dedication to the sport.
Compatible with Hand WrapsDesigned to be worn with hand wraps inside for added support and comfort during training sessions.
Premium Leather Construction Made from premium leather with a sandwich molding of high-density foam, these gloves offer durability, flexibility, and a natural curve for optimal performance.
 Strong Wrist Support Enjoy enhanced stability and wrist support to maintain proper form and technique during training sessions.
Proud Double Dragon Label Display your allegiance to the Double Dragon brand with the proud acrylic label prominently featured on each glove.
 Extremely Long-Lasting Built to withstand the most rigorous training regimens, these gloves are engineered for durability, ensuring they remain a reliable companion for years to come.
Slimline Thumb  Designed with a slimline thumb to minimize the risk of injury and increase overall comfort during use.
Breathable Palm  Stay cool and comfortable during intense training sessions thanks to the breathable palm design, promoting airflow and reducing moisture buildup.
Available Designs and Sizes:
– Designs: Choose from two striking color combinations—black on white and white on black.
– Sizes: Available in 8oz, 10oz, and 16oz options to accommodate your specific training preferences and needs.
Elevate your training experience with Double Dragon Premium Leather Gloves—the epitome of style, quality, and performance in boxing and Muay Thai gear.